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ELF_GETIDENT(3) Library Functions Manual ELF_GETIDENT(3)

elf_getidentreturn the initial bytes of a file

library “libelf”

#include <libelf.h>

char *
elf_getident(Elf *elf, size_t *sz);

Function () returns a pointer to the initial bytes of the file for descriptor elf.

If argument sz is non-null, the size of the identification area returned is written to the location pointed to by sz. This location is set to zero on errors.

Function elf_getident() will return a non-NULL pointer to the initial bytes of the file if successful, or NULL if an error condition is detected.

Function elf_getident() can fail with the following errors:

A NULL value was passed in for argument elf.
ELF descriptor elf was opened for writing and function elf_getident() was called before a call to elf_update(3).

elf(3), elf32_getehdr(3), elf64_getehdr(3), elf_getarhdr(3), elf_getbase(3), elf_getflags(3), elf_kind(3), elf_rawfile(3), elf_update(3), gelf(3), gelf_getclass(3), gelf_getehdr(3)

July 3, 2006 OpenBSD-current