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UNWINDCTL(8) System Manager's Manual UNWINDCTL(8)

unwindctlcontrol the unwind daemon

unwindctl [-s socket] command [argument ...]

The unwindctl program controls the unwind(8) daemon.

The following options are available:

Use socket instead of the default /var/run/unwind.sock to communicate with unwind(8).

The following commands are available:

Disable verbose logging.
Enable verbose logging.
Enable very noisy debug logging.
Reload the configuration file.
Run the captive portal detection.
[recursor | dhcp | DoT | static]
Show a status summary. If one of recursor, dhcp, DoT, or static is specified, more detailed information about that type of resolver is given including reasons why DNSSEC validation might be failing and a query time histogram.

UNIX-domain socket used for communication with unwind(8).

unwind.conf(5), unwind(8)

The unwindctl program first appeared in OpenBSD 6.5.

February 5, 2019 OpenBSD-current