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SXIRSB(4) Device Drivers Manual SXIRSB(4)

sxirsbAllwinner Reduced Serial Bus controller

sxirsb* at fdt?

The sxirsb driver provides support for the Reduced Serial Bus (RSB) controller integrated on Allwinner A23/A33/A64/A80/A83T SoCs. RSB is a two-wire bus developed by X-Powers as a high-speed alternative to I2C for connecting integrated circuits. It is typically used for connecting devices such as power management ICs and audio codecs.

acrtc(4), iic(4), intro(4)

The sxirsb driver first appeared in OpenBSD 6.3.

The sxirsb driver was written by Mark Kettenis <>.

December 16, 2017 OpenBSD-current