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qec(4/sparc) SPARC Quad Ethernet Controller
qec(4/sparc64) SPARC64 Quad Ethernet Controller

QEC(4) Device Drivers Manual (sparc) QEC(4)

qecSPARC Quad Ethernet Controller

qec* at sbus? (sun4c/sun4e/sun4m)
qe* at qec?
be* at qec?

The qec driver is an SBus controller that can contain either one be(4) Ethernet controller (Sun part number SUNW,501-2655) or four qe(4) Ethernet controllers (Sun part number SUNW,501-2062). This driver, like other buses, is not directly available to users. In essence it is a buffering DMA controller.

be(4), intro(4), qe(4), sbus(4)

OpenBSD support for the qec first appeared in OpenBSD 2.4.

July 10, 2010 OpenBSD-6.0