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RLOG(1) General Commands Manual RLOG(1)

rlogdisplay information about RCS files

rlog [-bhLNRtV] [-ddates] [-Eendsep] [-l[lockers]] [-r[revs]] [-Srevsep] [-sstates] [-w[logins]] [-xsuffixes] [-ztz] file ...

The rlog program displays information about RCS files.

A file's complete RCS history can be displayed (the default if no options are specified) or a subset of its history log can be requested, depending on which options are specified. RCS keywords are displayed using the ident(1) utility.

The following options are supported:

Print information about revisions of the default branch only.
Specify revisions with dates matching the specification. The specification might be as follows:
date1<date2 or date2>date1
Select all revisions between date1 and date2.
<date or date>
Select all revisions before date.
>date or date<
Select all revisions after date.
Select the latest revision before or equal to date.

The ‘>’ and ‘<’ characters can be followed by the ‘=’ character to imply an inclusive specification. Several specifications can be used by separating them with the ‘;’ character.

See also the -z option, below.

Print endsep at the end of each RCS file, instead of the default string of 77 equal signs.
Print the RCS header, describing a file's branch, lock details, symbolic names, etc.
Ignore RCS files with no locks set.
Print information about locked revisions only. If a comma-separated list of login names is specified, ignore all locks other than those held in the list.
Do not print symbolic names.
Print name of RCS file only.
Specify revision(s) to list:
A list of revisions is specified by separating names or numbers of revisions by the ‘,’ character.
List all revisions between rev1 and rev2 (they must be on the same branch).
List all revisions since the beginning of the branch until rev included.
List all revisions of the branch beginning with rev.
List all revisions of a branch.
List the latest revision of the branch branch.
List all revisions of branches between branch1 and branch2.

Without argument, the -r option means the latest revision of the default branch.

Print revsep at the end of each RCS revision, instead of the default string of 28 dash signs.
Print information about revisions whose state matches one of the specified states. Multiple states may be specified as a comma-separated list.
Print header and description only.
Print RCS's version number.
Print information about revisions checked in by users specified in a comma-separated list. If logins is omitted, the user's login is assumed.
Specifies the suffixes for RCS files. Suffixes should be separated by the ‘/’ character.
Specify the date output format. The tz argument should be a numeric UTC offset (e.g. +02:45 would specify an offset of 2 hours 45 minutes). ‘LT’ may instead be used to specify local time. If no argument is given, a default format is used. This option is also used to set the default time zone for dates used in the -d option.

If set, this variable should contain a list of space-delimited options that are prepended to the argument list.

The rlog utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

Print complete information about files:

$ rlog RCS/*

Print the names of RCS files with locks set:

$ rlog -L -R RCS/*

ci(1), co(1), ident(1), rcs(1), rcsclean(1), rcsdiff(1), rcsmerge(1)

The flags [-qT] have no effect and are provided for compatibility only.

August 31, 2016 OpenBSD-current