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OCTRTC(4) Device Drivers Manual (octeon) OCTRTC(4)

octrtctime-of-day clock

octrtc* at mainbus?

The octrtc driver supports the low resolution DS1337 time-of-day clock found on some of the octeon models. The clock has a resolution of 1 second.

The octrtc driver is used for getting and setting the system time.

Supported models:

D-Link DSR-500
Portwell CAM-0100

Known models missing a DS1377 clock:

Ubiquiti Networks EdgeRouter Lite

intro(4), inittodr(9), resettodr(9), time_second(9)

The octrtc driver first appeared in OpenBSD 5.5.

The octrtc driver was written by Paul Irofti <>.

April 3, 2016 OpenBSD-current