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ISCSICTL(8) System Manager's Manual ISCSICTL(8)

iscsictlcontrol the Internet SCSI (iSCSI) daemon

iscsictl [-s socket] command [argument ...]

The iscsictl program controls the iscsid(8) daemon. Commands may be abbreviated to the minimum unambiguous prefix.

The following options are available:

Use socket instead of the default /var/run/iscsid.sock to communicate with iscsid(8).

The following commands are available:

Reload the configuration file.
Show a list of all configured sessions.
vscsi stats
Show statistics of vscsi(4) usage. It shows how many calls were issued and how many bytes were read or written.

Default iscsid(8) configuration file.
UNIX-domain socket used for communication with iscsid(8).

iscsi.conf(5), iscsid(8)

The iscsictl program first appeared in OpenBSD 4.9.

July 27, 2015 OpenBSD-current