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GELF_GETRELA(3) Library Functions Manual GELF_GETRELA(3)

gelf_getrela, gelf_update_relaread and update ELF relocation entries with addends

library “libelf”

#include <gelf.h>

GElf_Rela *
gelf_getrela(Elf_Data *data, int ndx, GElf_Rela *rela);

gelf_update_rela(Elf_Data *data, int ndx, GElf_Rela *rela);

These convenience functions are used to retrieve and update class-dependent Elf32_Rela or Elf64_Rela structures in an ELF object.

Argument data is an Elf_Data descriptor associated with a section of type SHT_RELA. Argument ndx is the index of the entry being retrieved or updated. The class-independent GElf_Rela structure is described in gelf(3).

Function () retrieves the class-dependent entry at index ndx in data buffer data and copies it to the destination pointed to by argument rela after translation to class-independent form.

Function () converts the class-independent entry pointed to by argument rela to class-dependent form, and writes it to the entry at index ndx in the data buffer described by argument data. Function gelf_update_rela() signals an error if any of the values in the class-independent representation exceeds the representable limits of the target type.

Function gelf_getrela() returns the value of argument rela if successful, or NULL in case of an error. Function gelf_update_rela() returns a non-zero value if successful, or zero in case of an error.

These functions may fail with the following errors:

Arguments data or rela were NULL.
Argument ndx was less than zero or larger than the number of entries in the data descriptor.
Data descriptor data was not associated with a section of type SHT_RELA.
A value was not representable in the target type.
The Elf_Data descriptor denoted by argument data is associated with an ELF object with an unsupported version.

elf(3), elf_getdata(3), elf_getscn(3), gelf(3)

April 22, 2019 OpenBSD-current