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FUSE_TEARDOWN(3) Library Functions Manual FUSE_TEARDOWN(3)

fuse_teardownFUSE helper function

#include <fuse.h>

fuse_teardown(struct fuse *f, char *mp);

() is a helper function that removes any signal handlers that were installed by a previous call to fuse_set_signal_handlers(3) or fuse_setup(3) and unmounts the file system mounted at mp. The FUSE session f is then destroyed.

fuse_destroy(3), fuse_remove_signal_handlers(3), fuse_unmount(3)

The fuse_teardown() function conforms to FUSE 2.6.

The fuse_teardown() function first appeared in OpenBSD 5.4.

Sylvestre Gallon <>
Helg Bredow <>

July 8, 2018 OpenBSD-current