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FUSE_DESTROY(3) Library Functions Manual FUSE_DESTROY(3)

fuse_destroyfree memory associated with a FUSE handle

#include <fuse.h>

fuse_destroy(struct fuse *f);

() closes the FUSE device and frees memory associated with the FUSE channel and FUSE handle specified by f.

This function does not unmount the file system, which should be done with fuse_unmount(3) before calling this function.

fuse_new(3), fuse_teardown(3), fuse_unmount(3)

The fuse_destroy() function conforms to FUSE 2.6.

The fuse_destroy() function first appeared in OpenBSD 5.4.

Sylvestre Gallon <>
Helg Bredow <>

July 8, 2018 OpenBSD-current