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vmtVMware Tools driver

vmt0 at pvbus0

The vmt driver is a kernel level implementation of VMware Tools. VMware Tools are intended to provide better support for operating systems running inside virtual machines.

vmt handles shutdown and reboot requests from the host by signalling init(8) with SIGUSR2 and SIGINT respectively. vmt will log notifications that the guest has been suspended or resumed by the host. It also provides access to the host machine's clock as a timedelta sensor.

vmt reports the guest's hostname and first non-loopback IP address to the host.

pvbus(4), init(8), sensorsd(8), sysctl(8)

A helper program is available via packages(7).

The vmt driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.4.

The vmt driver was written by David Gwynne <>.

July 21, 2015 OpenBSD-6.3