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IOF(4) Device Drivers Manual (sgi) IOF(4)

iofIOC4 generic workstation I/O device

iof* at pci?
com0 at iof? base 0x380
com* at iof?
dsrtc0 at iof?
iockbc* at iof?

The iof driver provides support for the SGI IOC4-based basic I/O device on Origin 350 and Tezro systems.

The IOC4 chip provides:

Four serial ports.
Time-of-day chip.
PS/2 keyboard and mouse interface.
WD100x compatible hard disk controller driver

com(4), dsrtc(4), intro(4), iockbc(4), pci(4)

The iof driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.6.

The ATAPI interface is not supported yet.

November 18, 2009 OpenBSD-6.1