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ztsZaurus touchscreen support

zts0 at pxaip?
wsmouse* at zts?

The zts driver provides support for the touchscreen on the Zaurus. Access to the touchscreen is provided through the wscons(4) framework.

Touching the screen will emulate mouse button 0 being pressed. Holding either Fn or Alt while tapping will cause mouse buttons 1 or 2, respectively, to be "pressed" instead.

The touch screen sensor is poorly aligned with respect to the lcd(4), therefore ztsscale(8) should be used to provide calibration results to the zts driver.

intro(4), pxaip(4), wscons(4), wsmouse(4), ztsscale(8)

The zts driver appeared in OpenBSD 3.7.

May 31, 2007 OpenBSD-6.0