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VOYAGER(4) Device Drivers Manual (loongson) VOYAGER(4)

voyagerSilicon Motion Mobile Multimedia Companion Chip

voyager* at pci?
gpio0 at voyager?
ohci* at voyager?
smfb* at voyager?

The voyager driver supports the Silicon Motion SM502 MMCC device.

This chip is intended to fulfill most of a modern laptop's I/O needs, and provides:

Not all the device interfaces are supported under OpenBSD.

The ohci(4) component only attaches on Gdium Liberty systems with the older motherboard artwork design, as newer systems do not have this USB port connected to anything, causing an otherwise annoying long delay to probe the empty bus on boot.

gpio(4), intro(4), ohci(4), pci(4), smfb(4)

February 26, 2010 OpenBSD-6.0