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MSCPBUS(4) Device Drivers Manual (vax) MSCPBUS(4)

mscpbusMSCP device bus

mscpbus* at uda?
mscpbus* at mtc?

ra* at mscpbus? drive? # MSCP disk
rx* at mscpbus? drive? # MSCP floppy
mt* at mscpbus? drive? # MSCP tape

The system provides a uniform and modular system for the implementation of drivers to control various MSCP devices. When the system probes the bus, it attaches any devices it finds to the appropriate drivers.

The following devices are supported on mscpbus:

TM78/ TU-78 MASSBUS magtape interface
MSCP disk controller interface
DEC RX02 floppy disk interface

intro(4), mtc(4), uda(4)

March 31, 2008 OpenBSD-5.5