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USBF(4) Device Drivers Manual USBF(4)

usbfintroduction to Universal Serial Bus function support

usbf* at pxaudc? # zaurus
cdcef* at usbf?

OpenBSD provides machine-independent bus support and drivers for Universal Serial Bus (USB) functions, making it possible in principle for machines running OpenBSD to act as USB device to a USB host.

The OpenBSD usbf driver has three layers: the controller, the logical device, and the function layer. The controller attaches to a physical bus. The logical device attaches to the controller and the function attaches to the logical device.

Function drivers implement the characteristics of a particular USB device class that the USB host will see when the device is connected to the bus.

OpenBSD includes the following machine-independent USB function drivers, sorted by device type and driver name:

Communication Device Class Ethernet Emulation Model USB network adapter.

cdcef(4), intro(4), pxaudc(4)

The usbf driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.1.

The usbf driver was written by Uwe Stuehler ⟨⟩.

March 19, 2009 OpenBSD-5.3