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PXAUDC(4) Device Drivers Manual (zaurus) PXAUDC(4)

pxaudcPXA27x USB device controller

pxaudc0 at pxaip?
usbf* at pxaudc?

The PXA27x USB Device Controller supplies bus interface functions so that the USB Function support driver, usbf(4), can support client-cable USB functions.

The pxaudc driver is able to detect the presence of either host or client cables. If a host cable is detected, the USB pins are routed to the USB host controller, ohci(4), which supplies USB device support for many devices as described in usb(4). If a client cable is detected, the USB pins are directly used by pxaudc to support USB client functionality, as described in usbf(4).

ohci(4), usb(4), usbf(4)

The initial pxaudc driver was written by David Gwynne ⟨⟩. USB Client support was later developed by Uwe Stuehler ⟨⟩ and completed by Dale Rahn ⟨⟩.

May 31, 2007 OpenBSD-5.3