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TCX(4) Device Drivers Manual (sparc) TCX(4)

tcxaccelerated 8/24-bit color frame buffer

tcx* at sbus?
wsdisplay* at tcx?

The tcx is an 8 bit color frame buffer, with graphics acceleration, found on-board the SPARCstation 4, and also available in a 24 bit version as an AFX board for the SPARCstation 5, called the S24.

The tcx driver interfaces the frame buffer with the wscons(4) console framework. It does not provide direct device driver entry points but makes its functions available via the internal wsdisplay(4) interface.

The tcx frame buffer will by default select its resolution and refresh rate according to the monitor sense information obtained from the 13W3 connector. If the tcx frame buffer is used as the console display, a different resolution can be selected by changing the OpenPROM environment.

If the tcx frame buffer is a secondary display, or a serial console is used, the display resolution can not be changed without using an OpenPROM script. Refer to the for details.

The supported video modes depend on the particular frame buffer type.

The 8 bit frame buffer supports the following video modes:

640x480 56Hz
640x480 60Hz
744x1273 76Hz
1000x1022 76Hz
1024x768 50Hz
1024x768 60Hz
1024x768 66Hz
1024x768 70Hz
1024x768 75Hz
1024x768 77Hz
1024x800 74Hz
1024x800 84Hz
1024x800 85Hz
1024x1024 62Hz
1152x900 38Hz
1152x900 66Hz
1152x900 67Hz
1152x900 76Hz
1152x900 77Hz

With the addition of a 1MB VSIMM, the following higher resolution models become available:

1280x1024 66Hz
1280x1024 67Hz
1280x1024 76Hz
1600x1280 66Hz
1920x1080 72Hz

To change the default resolution, type the following:

  •   ok setenv fcode-debug? true
  •   ok setenv output-device screen:r1024x800x94

to change to an 85Hz 1024x800 resolution. Note that setting fcode-debug? is absolutely necessary for the resolution settings to be honoured.

The 24 bit frame buffer only supports the following video modes:

1024x768 70Hz
1152x900 66Hz
1152x900 76Hz

To change the default resolution, type the following:

  ok setenv output-device screen:r1024x768x70

to change to a 70Hz 1024x768 resolution. Unlike the TCX, it is not necessary to alter the value of fcode-debug? for the resolution settings to be honoured.

intro(4), sbus(4), wscons(4), wsdisplay(4)

September 3, 2011 OpenBSD-5.3