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WSFONTLOAD(8) System Manager's Manual WSFONTLOAD(8)

wsfontloadload a font bitmap into a wscons display device

wsfontload [-Bbl] [-e encoding] [-f file] [-h height] [-N name] [-w width] [fontfile]

The wsfontload utility loads a font bitmap to a wscons device if the device driver supports it. The font gets assigned a name in this process which it can be referred to by later for use on a display screen. The font is loaded from the specified fontfile, or from stdin if fontfile is not provided.

The options are as follows:

Specifies that the font data is ordered right-to-left byte wise. The default is left-to-right.
Specifies that the font data is ordered right-to-left bit wise. The default is left-to-right.
Sets the encoding of the font. This can be either a symbolic abbreviation or a numeric value. Currently recognized abbreviations are “iso” for ISO 8859-1 encoding, “ibm” for IBM encoded fonts, and “pcvt” for the custom encoding of the supplemental fonts which came with the BSD PCVT console driver. Per default, “iso” is assumed.
Specify the control device of the wscons display to operate on. Default is /dev/ttyCcfg.
Sets the height of a font character in pixels. Default is 16.
Specifies to print out a list of loaded fonts, no other arguments should be specified.
Specifies a name which can be used later to refer to the font. If none is given, the fontfile name is used to create one.
Sets the width of a font character in pixels. Default is 8.

No font files are provided with the wscons framework. The fonts installed by PCVT can be used instead, as can raw font files from other operating system distributions.

fonts directory.

Load the IBM-encoded 8x8-font from the PCVT distribution. This (or another 8x8-font) is necessary to use the 50-line screen type on vga(4) displays.

# wsfontload -N myname -h 8 -e ibm \

wscons(4), wsconscfg(8), wsconsctl(8)

The wsfontload program appeared in OpenBSD 2.8.

Many features are missing.

There is no way to remove a loaded font.

May 31, 2007 OpenBSD-5.1