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SDMMC(4) Device Drivers Manual SDMMC(4)

sdmmcSD bus

# zaurus specific
sdmmc* at pxammc?
# all architectures
sdmmc* at sdhc?
scsibus* at sdmmc?

The sdmmc subsystem provides machine-independent bus support and drivers for SD/MMC devices.

Standard SD/SDHC memory devices will show up as a fake SCSI disk, using scsibus(4) and sd(4).

intro(4), sbt(4), scsibus(4), sd(4), sdhc(4)

The sdmmc driver first appeared in OpenBSD 4.0.

The sdmmc driver was written by Uwe Stuehler ⟨⟩.

March 25, 2009 OpenBSD-5.1