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RMAIL(8) System Manager's Manual RMAIL(8)

rmailhandle remote mail received via uucp

rmail [-T] [-D domain] user ...

The rmail utility interprets incoming mail received via uucp, collapsing “From” lines in the form generated by mail.local(8) into a single line of the form “return-path!sender”, and passing the processed mail on to sendmail(8).

rmail is explicitly designed for use with uucp and sendmail(8).

The options are as follows:

Change the domain. The default domain is UUCP.
Enter debugging mode.

uucp is not part of the base OpenBSD system. It comes as part of the uucp suite, and can be installed via ports(7) or packages(7).

mail.local(8), sendmail(8)

The rmail utility appeared in 4.2BSD.

rmail should not reside in /bin.

May 28, 2008 OpenBSD-5.1