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SYSPATCH(8) System Manager's Manual SYSPATCH(8)

syspatchmanage base system binary patches

syspatch [-c | -l | -r]

syspatch is a utility to fetch, verify, install and revert OpenBSD binary patches.

When run without any options, syspatch will apply all missing patches by saving the original release kernel if needed, creating a rollback tarball containing the files it is about to replace, then extracting and installing all files contained in the syspatch tarball.

The options are as follows:

List available patches; suitable for cron(8).
List installed patches.
Revert the most recently installed patch.

Backup of the original /bsd release kernel.
OpenBSD mirror top-level URL for fetching patches.
Directories containing the rollback tarball and original signed diff(1) of installed patches.

signify(1), installurl(5), release(8)

syspatch first appeared in OpenBSD 6.1.

syspatch was written by Antoine Jacoutot <>.

syspatch is designed to work solely on official OpenBSD releases.

February 7, 2017 OpenBSD-6.1