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BOS(8) System Manager's Manual BOS(8)

bosis the client part of the Basic Overseer Daemon that manages AFS server processes.

bos [addhost | addkey | adduser | create] [args]

bos [delete | exec | getdate | getlog] [args]

bos [getrestart | install | listhosts | listkeys] [args]

bos [listusers | prune | removehost | removekey] [args]

bos [removeuser | restart | salvage | setauth] [args]

bos [setcellname | setrestart | shutdown | start] [args]

bos [stop | uninstall] [args]

The bos utility is the client part of the Basic overseer daemon that manage AFS server processes.

Most bos commands accept the following general arguments:

[-cell cellname] Specifies which AFS cell to use, if the default cell is not to be used.

[-noauth] Specifies that bos should not try to authenticate the connection to the server. This may be useful with shell scripts, or if there is a problem with the AFS cell. Note that the server will reject many commands if -noauth is specified.

[-localauth] Create a ticket using the AFS server key, that is, you don't need a token. This will generally only work on AFS servers, and is very useful for performing automatic tasks.

bos has several subcommands:

addhost -server server -host host [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth]

Add a new host to the CellServDB on the server. This makes the database server consider host as a peer and will use when they synchronize their databases (the database servers) need to be restarted.

addkey -server server [-key key] [-kvno keyversionnumber] [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth]

Add a new afs-key to the KeyFile. Add the ticket specified in key with keyversionnumber to the server.

adduser -server server -user user [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth]

Add a new user the SuperUser file on the fileserver server, thus giving that user the right to manage volumes and bosserver.

create -server server -instance serverprocessname -type servertype -cmd command [-notifier program] [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth]

Create a new service instance at the server of type. The instance will depending on type run the command command.

delete -server server -instance instance [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth]

Delete the instance from the server.


-server server -cmd command [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth] Execute command on the server server.

getdate -server server -files checkfiles [-dir dir] [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth]

Get dates for checkfiles in server-root directory (that can be specified with dir if that is needed) on server.

getlog -server server -file logfile [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth]

List the content of the logfile that resides on the server.

getrestart -server server [-dir dest] [-cell cellname] [-noauth] [-localauth]

Get the restart time from server.


















fs(1), pts(1), afsd(8), vos(8)

Quite a lot of commands are not implemented yet.

April 1, 2003 The Arla Project