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PTS(1) General Commands Manual PTS(1)

ptsManage AFS protection database

pts [command] [args]

The pts utility is used to manipulate the contents of the AFS Protection Database, which contains information about users and groups in AFS. Note that the pts utility does modify the traditional UNIX user and group database, only the AFS specific information.

The pts utility provides several commands:

add a user to a group
change owner of user or group
create a new group
shorthand for creategroup
create a new user
dump pts database
delete user or group
examine a user or a group
get help on pts
shorthand for help
print largest afs user and group
list groups owned by a user or group, or orphaned groups
list group or user membership
shorthand for membership
remove a user from a group
rename a user or a group
not yet implemented
not yet implemented
not yet implemented

Most pts commands accept the following general arguments:

[-cell cellname] Specifies which AFS cell to use, if the default cell is not to be used.

[-noauth] Specifies that pts should not try to authenticate the connection to the server. This may be useful with shell scripts, or if there is a problem with the AFS cell. Note that the server will reject many commands if -noauth is specified.

The syntax of the pts commands:

pts adduser [-name] user [-group] group [-cell cellname] [-noauth]

Add the specified user to the specified group.

pts chown [-name] user/group [-owner] owner [-cell cellname] [-noauth]

Change owner of a group or user.

pts creategroup [-name] name [-id idnumber] [-cell cellname] [-noauth]

Create a new group. If idnumber is not specified, a new idnumber is taken automatically.

pts cg

Shorthand for creategroup.

pts createuser [-name] name [-id idnumber] [-cell cellname] [-noauth]

Create a new user. If idnumber is not specified, a new idnumber is taken automatically.

pts dump server [-cell -cellname]

Dump the Protection Database in a human readable form. The database is read from the given database server.

pts delete [-name] name/group [-cell cellname] [-noauth]

Delete a user or group from the database.

pts examine user/group [-cell cellname] [-noauth]

Print verbose information about a user or a group.

pts help or pts ?

Print help about pts

pts listmax [-cell cellname]

Print the largest uid and gid.

pts listowned [-id] user/group [-cell cellname] [-noauth]

List the groups owned by a user or group.

pts membership [-nameorid user/group] [-cell cellname] [-noauth]

List the members of a group, or the groups a user is a member of.

pts groups

Shorthand for membership.

pts removeuser [-user] user [-group] group [-cell cellname] [-noauth]

Remove a users membership from a group.

pts rename [-from] old name [-to] new name [-cell cellname] [-noauth]

Rename a user or group.

pts setfields

Not yet implemented.

pts setmax

Not yet implemented.

pts syncdb

Not yet implemented.

fs(1), afsd(8), vos(8)

The Arla authors are trying to mimic the behaviour of the original AFS utilities.

The Arla project <>.

Some commands are not implemented yet.

March 25, 2000 The Arla Project