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XXBOOT(8) System Manager's Manual (landisk) XXBOOT(8)

xxbootLANDISK-specific primary boot loader

This small program, residing in the reserved sectors at the beginning of the root file system of the system, is responsible for loading the second-stage boot(8) program (typically /boot), which in turn will load the kernel.

When xxboot receives control from the master boot record (MBR), it will print a banner:


followed by a little twiddler while reading the second-stage boot.

xxboot must be installed by installboot(8).

Master Boot Record block
primary bootstrap
secondary bootstrap
OpenBSD kernel
OpenBSD kernel for installation/recovery

xxboot will print messages indicating errors as returned from the firmware.

boot(8), disklabel(8), fdisk(8), installboot(8), mbr(8)

August 17, 2022 OpenBSD-current