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XVCTL(1) General Commands Manual XVCTL(1)

xvctlget or set xv extension values

xvctl [-n] [-d display] [-s screen] [-A adaptor] name ...

xvctl [-n] [-d display] [-s screen] [-A adaptor] -w name=value ...

xvctl [-n] [-d display] [-s screen] [-A adaptor] -a

The xvctl utility retrieves the Xvideo extension attributes and allows the user to set them.

For instance, this can be used to change the contrast or brightness of an external video program.

The options are as follows:

affect the display named display, instead of the default display.
affect screen # screen. By default, the first screen with video adaptors will be chosen.
affect adaptor # adaptor. By default, the first display adaptor will be chosen.
list all the currently available gettable attributes. This is the default, if no parameters are givne.
suppress printing of the field name, only output the field value. Useful for setting shell variables.

xvinfo(1), Xv(3x)

November 9, 2001 OpenBSD-current