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WORMS(6) Games Manual WORMS(6)

wormsanimate worms on a display terminal

worms [-ft] [-d delay] [-l length] [-n number]

A UNIX version of the DEC-2136 program “worms”.

The options are as follows:

Specifies a delay, in milliseconds, between each update. This is useful for fast terminals. Reasonable values are around 20–200. The default is based on the terminal speed. If the terminal is 9600 baud or slower, no delay is used. Otherwise, the delay is computed via the following formula:

delay = speed / 9600 - 1
Makes a “field” for the worm(s) to eat.
Specifies a length for each worm; the default is 16.
Specifies the number of worms; the default is 3.
Makes each worm leave a trail behind it.

The lower-right-hand character position will not be updated properly on a terminal that wraps at the right margin.

March 31, 2022 OpenBSD-current