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SNMPCTL(8) System Manager's Manual SNMPCTL(8)


snmpctlcontrol the SNMP daemon


snmpctl [-n] [-s socket] command [arg ...]


The snmpctl program controls the snmpd(8) daemon. Commands may be abbreviated to the minimum unambiguous prefix; for example, s m for show mib.
The options are as follows:
Show numeric OID values instead of their symbolic names.
-s socket
Use socket instead of the default /var/run/snmpd.sock to communicate with snmpd(8).
The following commands are available:
Monitor internal messages of the snmpd(8) subsystems and engines.
show mib
Dump the tree of compiled-in MIB objects.
snmp request host [options]
Request information from an SNMP agent that is running on the specified host. The request can be either get, walk or bulkwalk to retrieve a single SNMP value or a subtree. The following options are supported:
community value
Set the SNMPv2 community; the default is ‘public’.
oid (all|value)
Set the start OID; the default is ‘system’. This option can be specified multiple times.
version value
Set the SNMP version, either 1 or 2c. The default is 2c.
trap send oid-string [oid oid-string type value ...]
Send an SNMP trap via snmpd(8) to the registered trap receivers. The command takes one oid-string argument as the trap OID and optional varbind arguments with the specified oid-string, type, and value. The following types are supported:
ip value
An IPv4 address.
counter value
A 32-bit counter.
gauge value
A 32-bit gauge.
unsigned value
A 32-bit unsigned integer.
ticks value
A 32-bit timeticks integer value.
opaque value
A 32-bit opaque.
nsap value
A 32-bit NSAP address.
counter64 value
A 64-bit counter.
uint value
A 32-bit unsigned integer.
int value
A 32-bit integer.
bitstring string
A bit string.
string string
An octet string.
This type takes no argument.
oid oid-string
An string describing an Object ID, for example
walk host
Alias for snmp walk host, see above.


default UNIX-domain socket used for communication with snmpd(8)




The snmpctl program first appeared in OpenBSD 4.3.


The snmpctl program was written by Reyk Floeter <reyk@openbsd.org>.
July 27, 2015 OpenBSD-current