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RT_TIMER_ADD(9) Kernel Developer's Manual RT_TIMER_ADD(9)

rt_timer_add, rt_timer_remove_all, rt_timer_queue_create, rt_timer_queue_count, rt_timer_queue_change, rt_timer_queue_destroyroute timer queues interface

#include <net/route.h>

rt_timer_add(struct rtentry *rt, void (*func)(struct rtentry *, struct rttimer *), struct rttimer_queue *queue, u_int rtableid);

rt_timer_remove_all(struct rtentry *rt);

struct rttimer_queue *
rt_timer_queue_create(u_int timeout);

unsigned long
rt_timer_queue_count(struct rttimer_queue *rtq);

rt_timer_queue_change(struct rttimer_queue *rtq, long timeout);

rt_timer_queue_destroy(struct rttimer_queue *rtq);

Route timer queues provide a method of queueing routing-related actions to be triggered once per second.

(struct rtentry *rt, void (*func)(struct rtentry *, struct rttimer *), struct rttimer_queue *queue, u_int rtableid)
Schedule func to be called on rt using the timeout of queue. If rt already has a call to func scheduled on any timer queue, it will be replaced with the new invocation.
(struct rtentry *rt)
Remove all timeouts associated with rt from all routing timer queues.
(u_int timeout)
Create a timer queue with a timeout of timeout seconds.
(struct rtentry *rt)
Return the number of timers present in the queue rtq.
(struct rttimer_queue *rtq, long timeout)
Set timeout for rtq to timeout seconds.
(struct rttimer_queue *rtq)
Remove all timeouts from the routing timer queue rtq, execute their associated callback and destroy it.

rt_timer_add(), rt_timer_remove_all(), rt_timer_queue_create(), rt_timer_queue_count(), rt_timer_queue_change(), and rt_timer_queue_destroy() can be called during autoconf, from process context, or from interrupt context.

rt_timer_add() may fail with ENOBUFS if memory could not be allocated for the timeout.

route(4), route(9)

March 26, 2014 OpenBSD-current