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RPC.RUSERSD(8) System Manager's Manual RPC.RUSERSD(8)

rpc.rusersdlogged in users server


rpc.rusersd is a server which returns information about users currently logged in to the system. At startup, rpc.rusersd opens /var/run/utmp and subsequently performs a chroot(2) to /var/empty and switches to user _rusersd.

The currently logged in users are queried using the rusers(1) command. The rpc.rusersd daemon is normally invoked by inetd(8).

rpc.rusersd uses an RPC protocol defined in /usr/include/rpcsvc/rnusers.x.

rusers(1), w(1), who(1), inetd(8)

December 1, 2015 OpenBSD-current