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RESOLVE-LIB(1) General Commands Manual RESOLVE-LIB(1)

resolve library specs during ports build

resolve-lib [
] [
] spec ...

resolve-lib resolve library specs against a list of installed libraries. resolve-lib takes a list of file names with full path on stdin, and matches each library spec against those libraries, using library-specs(7) conventions.
In particular, X11BASE and LOCALBASE are used to locate X11 libraries and port libraries.
resolve-lib will print the best libraries found in a format suitable for @wantlib (see pkg_create(1)).
Each spec not found will result in an error message and exit code.
If the option -silent is used, nothing will be displayed.
The option -needed is used to sort out LIB_DEPENDS: resolve-lib will succeed if at least one of the libraries matches against a shared library passed on the command line.
April 4, 2016 OpenBSD-current