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QCPMIC(4) Device Drivers Manual QCPMIC(4)

qcpmicQualcomm Power Management IC

qcpmic* at qcspmi?
qcpmicgpio* at qcpmic?
qcpon* at qcpmic?
qcpwm* at qcpmic?
qcrtc* at qcpmic?

The qcpmic driver provides support for the PMIC found on various Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs. The functionality for the hardware blocks found in each PMIC is implemented in the children attaching to this driver.

intro(4), qcpmicgpio(4), qcpon(4), qcpwm(4), qcrtc(4), qcspmi(4)

The qcpmic driver first appeared in OpenBSD 7.3.

The qcpmic driver was written by Patrick Wildt <>.

November 10, 2022 OpenBSD-current