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PORTSLOGGER(1) General Commands Manual PORTSLOGGER(1)

portsloggerlogs ports builds selectively

portslogger [-s] directory

portslogger saves logs from ports build in separate files.

portslogger handles directory change messages from the ports tree infrastructure and switches to a corresponding log file situated in directory accordingly, e.g., it will log the build from screen in directory/screen-4.0.3p1.log. portslogger will filter progress-bar noise from ftp(1), pkg_add(1), and pkg_create(1).

By default, portslogger acts as a filter and still passes its input to stdout, unless run with -s.

It is most often used as

$ make package 2>&1 | portslogger logdir

or in conjunction with tmux(1), such as

$ tmux pipe-pane 'portslogger -s logdir'

dpb(1), tmux(1)

June 26, 2018 OpenBSD-current