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NPPPD-USERS(5) File Formats Manual NPPPD-USERS(5)

user database file

The npppd-users file describes the various attributes of users. Refer to getcap(3) for a description of the file layout. Each entry in the database is used to describe one user. The record name is the username. The following attributes can be specified:
Name Description
password User's password. Some characters are needed to be represented by the escape sequence. See getcap(3) for the escape sequence.
framed-ip-address IPv4 address to be assigned for the user.
framed-ip-netmask IPv4 netmask to be used for the user.
calling-number Calling phone number to check user's phone number.

User database file.

    :password=taro's password:\

    :password=hana's password:\

getcap(3), npppd.conf(5), npppd(8)

Colon (‘:’) characters or vertical bar (‘|’) characters cannot be used in the username.
February 20, 2019 OpenBSD-current