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MODF(3) Library Functions Manual MODF(3)

modf, modff, modflextract signed integral and fractional values from floating-point number

#include <math.h>

modf(double value, double *iptr);

modff(float value, float *iptr);

long double
modfl(long double value, long double *iptr);

The () function breaks the argument value into integral and fractional parts, each of which has the same sign as the argument. It stores the integral part as a double in the object pointed to by iptr. The () function is a single precision version of modf(). The () function is an extended precision version of modf().

The modf(), modff() and modfl() functions return the signed fractional part of value.

frexp(3), ldexp(3)

The modf() function conforms to ANSI X3.159-1989 (“ANSI C89”).

September 11, 2022 OpenBSD-current