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MIDICAT(1) General Commands Manual MIDICAT(1)

midicatsend to or receive from MIDI ports

midicat [-d] [-i file] [-o file] [-q port]

The midicat utility receives MIDI data from the given input MIDI port and/or sends it to the given output MIDI port. The options are as follows:

Dump transferred data in hex on stderr.
Read MIDI data from this file instead of receiving it from the MIDI port. If the option argument is ‘-’ then standard input will be used.
Write MIDI data to this file instead of sending it to the MIDI port. If the option argument is ‘-’ then standard output will be used.
Use this sndio(7) MIDI port for input/output. If the option is used twice, the first one specifies the input port and the second one the output port.

If no files are specified, then midicat transfers data from the MIDI input port to the MIDI output port.

Send the given file to rmidi/0:

$ midicat -i file.syx -q rmidi/0

Dump data received from rmidi/0 to stderr:

$ midicat -d -q rmidi/0 -o /dev/null

Send data from rmidi/0 to midithru/0:

$ midicat -q rmidi/0 -q midithru/0

midi(4), sndio(7), sndiod(8)

November 30, 2018 OpenBSD-current