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KVM_GETFILES(3) Library Functions Manual KVM_GETFILES(3)

kvm_getfilessurvey open files

#include <kvm.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <sys/sysctl.h>

struct kinfo_file *
kvm_getfiles(kvm_t *kd, int op, int arg, size_t elemsize, int *cnt);

kvm_getfiles() returns a (sub-)set of the open files in the kernel indicated by kd. The op and arg arguments constitute a predicate which limits the set of files returned. The value of op describes the filtering predicate as follows:

all open files with type arg (0 for all files)
files opened by process ID arg (-1 for all processes)
files opened by processes with effective user ID arg (-1 for all users)

Files associated with a process will include information about the process that has the file open.

For KERN_FILE_BYFILE the recognized file types are defined in <sys/file.h>:

files and devices
sockets, regardless of domain
pipes and FIFOs

Only the first elemsize bytes of each array entry are returned. If the size of the kinfo_file structure increases in size in a future release of OpenBSD, the kernel will only return the requested amount of data for each array entry and programs that use kvm_getfiles() will continue to function without the need for recompilation.

The files are returned as a contiguous array of kinfo_file structures. The number of structures found is returned in the reference parameter cnt. This memory is owned by kvm and will be overwritten by subsequent calls to kvm_getfiles() and destroyed by kvm_close(). Data should be copied out if it needs to be saved.

kvm_getfiles() will return NULL on failure.

kvm_getfiles() will fail if:

Could not allocate enough memory for internal buffer.
The op argument has KERN_FILE_BYPID value and the process specified by arg was not found.

kvm(3), kvm_geterr(3), kvm_nlist(3), kvm_open(3), kvm_read(3)

This routine does not belong in the kvm interface.

May 4, 2016 OpenBSD-current