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KSTAT(1) General Commands Manual KSTAT(1)

kstatdisplay kernel statistics

kstat [-w wait] [name | provider:instance:name:unit] ...

The kstat utility displays statistics collected by the kernel. By default, all available data is displayed. If at least one argument is given, the display is restricted to data that matches at least one of the arguments.

The options are as follows:

Show statistics at intervals of wait seconds.

The components of arguments are as follows:

The name of the device providing the statistical data. Pattern matching with fnmatch(3) is supported.
An unsigned integer number. Currently, all statistics use an instance number of 0.
A string identifying the kind of data to be shown. Pattern matching with fnmatch(3) is supported.
An unsigned integer number, used for example if a network device has multiple rings.

If an empty string is given for any of the components, all values of the respective property are accepted.

A complete list of four-component arguments supported on the current machine can be displayed by calling kstat without any argument.

pseudo-device providing kernel statistics

The kstat utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

Show receive queue statistics for all interfaces and transmit queue statistics for all em(4) interfaces:

$ kstat rxq em*::txq:

netstat(1), systat(1)

The kstat utility first appeared in OpenBSD 6.8.

David Gwynne <>

August 13, 2020 OpenBSD-current