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GNOME-MODULE(5) File Formats Manual GNOME-MODULE(5)

gnome-modulex11/gnome port module

This manual page documents the behavior of setting MODULES=x11/gnome in the ports(7) tree.

This module has full support for the gnu, simple and cmake CONFIGURE_STYLE.

If both GNOME_PROJECT and GNOME_VERSION are set, this module defines DISTNAME, VERSION, MASTER_SITES, adds x11/gnome to CATEGORIES and EXTRACT_SUFX will default to .tar.xz if unset.

Unless NO_BUILD=Yes, devel/gettext,-tools is appended to MODGNOME_BUILD_DEPENDS for ports built using meson(1) and textproc/intltool is appended to MODULES for other ports.

USE_GMAKE is set to "Yes".

When CONFIGURE_STYLE is set to gnu or simple, if none of AUTOCONF_VERSION nor AUTOMAKE_VERSION are defined, then "--disable-maintainer-mode" is appended to CONFIGURE_ARGS. When CONFIGURE_STYLE is set to cmake, "-DENABLE_MAINTAINER_MODE=OFF" and -DSYSCONF_INSTALL_DIR=${SYSCONFDIR} are appended to CONFIGURE_ARGS.

MODGNOME_CPPFLAGS and MODGNOME_LDFLAGS can be used to add compiler and linker flags. CPPFLAGS="-I${LOCALBASE}/include" and LDFLAGS="-L${LOCALBASE}/lib" are always appended to CONFIGURE_ENV.

Certain build/run dependencies and configure arguments and environment can be set by appending desktop-file-utils, docbook, gi-docgen, gobject-introspection, gtk-update-icon-cache, shared-mime-info, vala and/or yelp to MODGNOME_TOOLS. They are disabled otherwise.

If MODGNOME_TOOLS includes desktop-file-utils, a dependency on devel/desktop-file-utils is appended to MODGNOME_RUN_DEPENDS and a link to /usr/bin/true is created under ${WRKDIR}/bin/desktop-file-validate.

If MODGNOME_TOOLS includes docbook, textproc/docbook-xsl is appended to MODGNOME_BUILD_DEPENDS. This option is used when the generation of the man pages included in the source tarball requires docbook XML/SGML/XSL definitions and stylesheets.

If MODGNOME_TOOLS includes gi-docgen, textproc/gi-docgen is appended to MODGNOME_BUILD_DEPENDS. This option is used to generate documentation using GI-Docgen.

If MODGNOME_TOOLS includes gtk-update-icon-cache, a dependency on x11/gtk+3,-guic is appended to MODGNOME_RUN_DEPENDS.

If MODGNOME_TOOLS includes shared-mime-info, a dependency on misc/shared-mime-info is appended to MODGNOME_RUN_DEPENDS and a link to /usr/bin/true is created under ${WRKDIR}/bin/update-mime-database.

If MODGNOME_TOOLS includes yelp, textproc/itstool and x11/gnome/doc-utils are appended to MODGNOME_BUILD_DEPENDS. Furthermore, x11/gnome/yelp is appended to MODGNOME_RUN_DEPENDS if MODGNOME_TOOLS also contains "desktop-file-utils" This option is to be used when any files are installed into share/gnome/help/ or page files are installed into share/help/.


Some tools require the following tag in the PLIST:


@tag update-desktop-database

gtk-update-icon-cache ($icon-theme is the theme directory)

@tag gtk-update-icon-cache %D/share/icons/$icon-theme


@tag update-mime-database


April 12, 2022 OpenBSD-current