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FGEN(1) General Commands Manual FGEN(1)

fgenIEEE 1275 Open Firmware FCode Tokenizer

fgen [-d level] [-o outfile] infile

Reads Forth source and generates tokenized FCode object file.

The options are as follows:

Sets the debug level. When the debug level is greater than zero, additional debugging messages are printed to standard output. Different levels of verbosity are available if compiled with DEBUG.
Write output to outfile instead of standard output.

Written by Eduardo E. Horvath <>

String escape sequences are not recognized so things such as

" foo "(01 02) "n "

will result in the string

“foo "(01 02) "n”.

Hexadecimal numbers with dots in them such as 100.0000 are not parsed.

Permissions on the output file are often incorrect.

Output to the standard output device can cause problems.

January 4, 2023 OpenBSD-current