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check-lib-dependsscan port for shared libraries


check-lib-depends [-fimoqx] [-B destdir] [-d pkgrepo] [-D directory] [-F missing] [-O dest] [-S VAR=value] [-s source] [package ...]


check-lib-depends scans a port or package for shared libraries, and verify that all of them are properly recorded.
check-lib-depends can either scan files from a built port after the fake stage from the WRKINST directory, or look directly inside a package.
Likewise, it can also verify dependencies off installed packages, or figure them out directly from the port directory.
check-lib-depends actually consists of two distinct stages:
The options are as follows:
-B destdir
Scan files under destdir.
-d pkgrepo
Look for all needed packages under directory pkgrepo.
-D directory
Create debug log files under directory that show in more details the run of objdump(1).
Give full reports of every file that requires a missing library.
-F missing
Works in tandem with -S. Allow backsubstituting even if the missing library is actually not part of the actual WANTLIB of the package. Mostly used to waive the presence of pthread, a mandatory dependency of C++ libraries on some architectures.
Read packing-list from standard input.
Always show progress-meter, even if not run from terminal.
Scan binaries using ldd(1), which also works for old a.out binaries, instead of objdump(1), which only works for elf(5) binaries.
-O dest
Save result of first stage in file dest.
Be quiet, do not emit ‘Extra:’ wantlibs unless there's also an actual problem.
-S var=value
recognize list of libraries listed in a variable, and replace said list with variable value. For instance, -S COMPILER_LIBCXX=stdc++ will replace ‘stdc++’ with ‘${COMPILER_LIBCXX}’ in WANTLIB lists for compatibility with both clang and gcc. Order matters. The first -S option will be handled first.
-s src
Don't scan, directly read result of first stage from file src.
Don't show progress-meter, even if run from terminal.
If no package is given, and the -i option is used, check-lib-depends will retrieve the packing-list from stdin, and scan the package according to other options.


ldd(1), objdump(1), bsd.port.mk(5), elf(5)
July 19, 2017 OpenBSD-current