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ASIN(3) Library Functions Manual ASIN(3)

asin, asinf, asinlarc sine functions

#include <math.h>

asin(double x);

asinf(float x);

long double
asinl(long double x);

The () function computes the principal value of the arc sine of x in the range [-pi/2, +pi/2]. The () function is a single precision version of asin(). The () function is an extended precision version of asin().

If |x|>1, asin(x), asinf(x) and asinl(x) return NaN and set the global variable errno to EDOM.

acos(3), atan(3), atan2(3), cos(3), cosh(3), sin(3), sinh(3), tan(3), tanh(3)

June 29, 2021 OpenBSD-current