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ACPITZ(4) Device Drivers Manual ACPITZ(4)

acpitzACPI thermal zone

acpitz* at acpi?

The acpitz driver supports ACPI Thermal Zones. Temperature information is available through this driver as a sensor which is updated every 10 seconds or, if the implementation supports it, via an event. If the temperature exceeds the ‘critical’ temperature threshold, the system will be shut down and powered off. The sensor provided by acpitz can be monitored using sysctl(8) or sensorsd(8).

acpi(4), intro(4), sensorsd(8), sysctl(8)

The acpitz driver first appeared in OpenBSD 3.8.

The acpitz driver was written by Can Erkin Acar <>.

July 16, 2013 OpenBSD-current