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ML_INIT(9) Kernel Developer's Manual ML_INIT(9)

ml_init, ml_enqueue, ml_dequeue, ml_enlist, ml_dechain, ml_len, ml_empty, ml_purge, MBUF_LIST_INITIALIZER, MBUF_LIST_FIRST, MBUF_LIST_NEXT, MBUF_LIST_FOREACHmbuf list API

#include <sys/mbuf.h>

ml_init(struct mbuf_list *ml);

ml_enqueue(struct mbuf_list *ml, struct mbuf *m);

struct mbuf *
ml_dequeue(struct mbuf_list *ml);

ml_enlist(struct mbuf_list *ml, struct mbuf_list *src);

struct mbuf *
ml_dechain(struct mbuf_list *ml);

unsigned int
ml_len(struct mbuf_list *ml);

ml_empty(struct mbuf_list *ml);

unsigned int
ml_purge(struct mbuf_list *ml);

struct mbuf_list

struct mbuf *
MBUF_LIST_FIRST(struct mbuf_list *ml);

struct mbuf *
MBUF_LIST_NEXT(struct mbuf *m);

MBUF_LIST_FOREACH(struct mbuf_list *ml, VARNAME);

The mbuf list API provides implementations of data structures and operations for managing lists of mbufs between contexts.

mbuf_list structures support the following functionality:

  1. Insertion of a new mbuf at the end of the list.
  2. Removal of an mbuf from the head of the list.
ml_init(struct mbuf_list *ml)
Initialise the ml mbuf_list structure.
An initialiser for an mbuf_list structure declaration.
ml_enqueue(struct mbuf_list *ml, struct mbuf *m)
Enqueue mbuf m on the end of the ml mbuf list.
ml_dequeue(struct mbuf_list *ml)
Dequeue an mbuf from the front of the ml mbuf list.
ml_enlist(struct mbuf_list *ml, struct mbuf_list *src)
Enqueue all the mbufs on the src mbuf list on to the end of the ml mbuf list.
ml_dechain(struct mbuf_list *ml)
Dequeues all mbufs from the ml mbuf list.
ml_len(struct mbuf_list *ml)
Return the number of mbufs on the ml mbuf list.
ml_empty(struct mbuf_list *ml)
Return if the ml mbuf list is empty.
ml_purge(struct mbuf_list *ml)
Free all the mbufs on the ml mbuf list.
MBUF_LIST_FIRST(struct mbuf_list *ml)
Access the first mbuf in the ml mbuf list for traversal.
MBUF_LIST_NEXT(struct mbuf *m)
Access the next mbuf in the mbuf list after m.
MBUF_LIST_FOREACH(struct mbuf_list *ml, VARNAME)
A convenience macro that can be used to iterate over the contents of the ml mbuf list. VARNAME identifies the name (not the address) of an mbuf pointer that will be set to each entry on the list. Note that it is unsafe to modify the list while iterating over it.

ml_init(), ml_enqueue(), ml_dequeue(), ml_enlist(), ml_dechain(), ml_len(), ml_empty(), ml_purge(), MBUF_LIST_INITIALIZER(), MBUF_LIST_FIRST(), MBUF_LIST_NEXT(), and MBUF_LIST_FOREACH() can be called during autoconf, from process context, or from interrupt context.

ml_dequeue() returns the mbuf that was at the head of its list. If the list was empty, NULL is returned.

ml_dechain() returns all the mbufs that were on the list via a pointer to an mbuf with the chain accessible via m_nextpkt members. If the list was empty, NULL is returned.

ml_len() returns the number of mbufs on the list.

ml_empty() return a non-zero value if the list is empty, otherwise 0.

ml_purge() returns the number of mbufs that were freed.

MBUF_LIST_FIRST() returns the first mbuf in the mbuf list, or NULL if the list is empty.

MBUF_LIST_NEXT() returns the next mbuf in the mbuf list, or NULL if the end of the list has been reached.


April 15, 2016 OpenBSD-current