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uonerngMoonbase Otago OneRNG TRNG

uonerng* at uhub?

The uonerng driver provides support for the Moonbase Otago OneRNG, a USB true random number generator (TRNG). uonerng reads raw entropy from the OneRNG and uses enqueue_randomness(9) to add it to the system entropy pool.

The OneRNG is capable of operating in one of several modes, some of which are intended for production use and some of which are for testing and validating the hardware.

uonerng operates in the "Avalanche noise with whitener" mode, which is also the manufacturer's default mode.

intro(4), usb(4), enqueue_randomness(9)

Moonbase Otago:

The uonerng driver first appeared in OpenBSD 5.9.

The uonerng driver was written by Devin Reade <>.

The OneRNG permits downloading of the device firmware so that one may check the firmware's cryptographic signature as provided by the manufacturer. The uonerng driver does not perform nor support this action. In order to currently perform such a validation, it would be necessary to disable uonerng in the kernel and then download the firmware via the OneRNG's emulated AT modem command set.

February 18, 2022 OpenBSD-current