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MKSUNCD(1) General Commands Manual (sparc64) MKSUNCD(1)

mksuncdadd a bootable UFS partition to a filesystem image

mksuncd partition-letter isofile ufsfile

The mksuncd utility adds the file ufsfile to the end of isofile. ufsfile is assumed to be a bootable filesystem image and isofile is assumed to be something like an ISO 9660 filesystem. A Sun-style disklabel is expected to already be present at the beginning of isofile, and mksuncd will update that label so that the partition (a-h) given by partition-letter points to ufsfile within isofile.

Based on the label in isofile, that file is padded so that added files are always on cylinder boundaries. This is a requirement of the PROM.

This program is not endian or type safe. It makes several assumptions about both based on its SPARC bias.

December 25, 2011 OpenBSD-current