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SKEYAUDIT(1) General Commands Manual SKEYAUDIT(1)

skeyauditwarn users if their S/Key will soon expire

skeyaudit [-ai] [-l limit]

skeyaudit searches through the files in /etc/skey for users whose S/Key sequence number is less than limit, and mails them a reminder to run skeyinit(1) soon.

The options are as follows:

Check all keys in /etc/skey. This option is only available to the superuser and is useful to run regularly via cron(8).
Interactive mode. Don't send mail, just print to the standard output.
The limit used to determine whether or not a user should be notified. The default is to notify if there are fewer than 12 keys left.

directory containing user entries for S/Key

skey(1), skeyinit(1)

May 31, 2007 OpenBSD-current