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YPPUSH(8) System Manager's Manual YPPUSH(8)

yppushforce distribution of one YP map

yppush [-v] [-d domainname] [-h hostname] mapname

The yppush utility distributes one YP map from the master server to all slave servers in the domain. All servers of the domain are fetched from the YP map ypservers. Before starting distribution, the master server is told to reread its Berkeley DB map files from disk.

The options are as follows:

Don't use the default domain, use the specified domain.
Distribute the map only to one host and not to the hosts in the ypservers map.
Verbose. Announce what the program is doing.

dbopen(3), Makefile.yp(8), yp(8), ypserv(8)

Mats O Jansson <>

The map is also pushed from the master server to itself, which has no effect other than slowing down operation.

November 30, 2015 OpenBSD-7.4