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YPCAT(1) General Commands Manual YPCAT(1)

ypcatprint the values of all keys in a YP database

ypcat [-kt] [-d domainname] mapname

ypcat -x

ypcat prints out the values of all keys from the YP database specified by mapname, which may be a map name or a map nickname.

The options are as follows:

Specify a domain other than the default domain.
Display map keys. This option is useful with maps in which the values are null or the key is not part of the value.
Inhibit translation of map nicknames to their corresponding map names.
Display the map nickname table.

domainname(1), ypmatch(1), ypwhich(1), yp(8), ypbind(8), yppoll(8), ypset(8)

Theo de Raadt

January 17, 2019 OpenBSD-7.4