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INSTALL.SITE(5) File Formats Manual INSTALL.SITE(5), upgrade.siteOpenBSD installation and upgrade customization

The OpenBSD installer allows user-created sets and scripts to complement and modify the files from a default install prior to rebooting.

Like the official file sets, generic site${VERSION}.tgz and hostname-specific site${VERSION}-$(hostname -s).tgz sets are gzip(1) compressed tar(1) archives rooted in / and untarred with the -xzphf options.

sets must be included in index.txt in order to be fetched via HTTP(S) and selectable in the installer.

If they exist and are executable, / and / are run at the end of the install and upgrade process, respectively, with chroot(8) based at the system's root.

Generic set.
site${VERSION}-$(hostname -s).tgz
Host-specific set.
Generic post-upgrade script.
Generic post-install script.

Create sets and update the index:

# tar -czhf site70.tgz generic/
# tar -czhf site70-puffy.tgz puffy/
# ls -lT > index.txt

Upgrade packages(7) upon reboot after sysupgrade(8) upgraded the system:

# cat <<- EOF >> /
	echo 'pkg_add -Iu' >>/etc/rc.firsttime
# chmod +x /
# sysupgrade

autoinstall(8), rc(8), sysupgrade(8)

November 8, 2021 OpenBSD-7.4